Health Advisory: Ongoing COVID-19 Vaccination at Long Term Care Facilities

Ongoing COVID-19 Vaccination at Long Term Care Facilities

Actions Requested by Washington State Department of Health

  • Coordinate planning for ongoing vaccination COVID-19 needs with the pharmacy that currently provides your long term care facility with medications if they are already enrolled as a COVID vaccine provider.
    • Work with the pharmacy to set up appointments for vaccinations of residents. Some pharmacies may offer onsite vaccination services, but more likely will assist by coordinating for the vaccine to come to the site for staff to vaccinate for facilities with nursing staff to vaccinate. Nursing homes could also become vaccine providers to ensure access/ease of process.
  • Supportive Living Agencies and Adult Family Homes should consider the following options for resident vaccinations including:
    1. Use of home health agencies to coordinate with pharmacy for onsite vaccination.
    2. If already partnered with LTC pharmacy, they may provide the vaccine onsite for the resident.
    3. For mobile/ambulatory residents, take to a pharmacy for vaccination.
  • Coordinate with the DSHS Nurse Delegator for vaccinations in coordination with the pharmacy. Nurse delegators already have relationships with their adult family homes and may provide this support. If not, the mobile teams currently being utilized could continue to bridge until overall vaccination rates increase and/or the hospital admission program supports vaccination prior to discharge.
  • Encourage staff needing vaccination to utilize community vaccine sites. A list of providers is posted at:
  • Submit questions to Kitsap Public Health staff via email:


Washington State Department of Health shares the following: By mid-April most, if not all the Washington State long term care facilities will have completed all scheduled clinics for COVID vaccinations. To maintain vaccinations for new residents arriving, it is necessary to transition to ensure vaccinations for new residents and staff. Given the increased availability of vaccines in the community and use of Phase Finder to access in many locations, the primary organizational focus will be for vaccination of the residents.


Kitsap Public Health District Vaccine information page: