Community Vaccine Event Resources

Planning a community vaccine event?

These resources will help you plan, prepare and implement your event. Adapt these examples and guidance to fit your specific needs.


Site assessment checklist

Consider these questions when assessing a potential event site.

  • Does the site have multiple points of entrance and exit?
  • Does the site have adequate space for cars to line up? Would traffic back up onto the road?
  • How far apart can vaccine stations be?
  • Does the site have room for holding lanes?
  • How many vaccine lanes can the site fit?
  • Where can event staff park?
  • Where can a mobile operations command center park?
  • Where can a trailer park?
  • Where can portable bathrooms go?
  • Do buses, parents or staff need to access the area?
  • Where is the nearest bus stop?
  • Who is the facility point of contact on the day of the event?
  • Can people with mobility issues access the site?

More Resources 

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