Kitsap Respiratory Illness Report: Dec. 10 to Dec. 16

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In the week ending Dec. 16, RSV indicators in Kitsap County remained high but have begun to decrease. Influenza indicators remain elevated, and COVID-19 activity remains low.

1.9% of emergency department (ED) visits were attributable to COVID-19, 1.1% were attributable to influenza, and 0.8% were attributable to RSV. Kitsap sentinel reporting labs reported 74 positive COVID-19 tests (11.3% of specimens tested), 45 positive influenza tests (40 influenza A, 5 influenza B; 9.1% of specimens tested), and 26 positive RSV tests (10.1% of specimens tested).

On average, around 10 hospital beds at St. Michael Medical Center were in use per day for COVID-19 or influenza patients. Vital records have identified two COVID-19-associated deaths and two influenza-associated deaths occurring in the past 28 days.

At Kitsap long-term care facilities, there have been four COVID-19 outbreaks reported in the past four reporting weeks, and no influenza outbreaks. 

BE AWARE: The CDC and Kitsap Public Health District issued health advisories urgently requesting healthcare providers to increase immunization coverage for influenza, COVID-19, and RSV during the winter respiratory illness season.